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We are at the exciting stage of setting up our Alumni Association for anyone who once studied at Ballard or our associated schools: Great Ballard School, Edinburgh House and Fernhill Manor. Our school goes back a long way, with pupils dating right back to 1914. It is not our intention to go back quite this far, yet it would be wonderful to have past pupils visiting Ballard.

We are naturally proud of what we have achieved over the years, and would like all pupils, past and present, to share in our success.

You can see from this new school website how we have progressed since 1914, and the Alumni section will play a major role in promoting our new Association. I would strongly recommend that you regularly ‘keep an eye’ on this site to check for any upcoming events and to read the various ex-pupil profiles that will have been forwarded to us.

To run smoothly an association such as ours will require a comprehensive data base. With this in mind, I would be grateful if you complete the contact details section below and submit this to our website. You will then be assured of receiving any further Alumni news.

We would like to set up an initial committee to discuss the best way forward. If you feel you could spare the time to be a committee member please contact me as soon as possible at or telephone 01425 611153.

Mike Clifford

Director of Development and Alumni

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Remembrance … Arthur Page / Leonard Dickson

We felt very privileged to be with two alumni of our school dating back to before the Second World War for our Remembrance Service this year.

Dr Arthur Page and Squadron Leader Leonard Dickson both shared their memories of their school days, Dr Page recounting his impressive innings on our square when playing for Edinburgh House (Lee on Solent) against Great Ballard School in 1936!

Leonard Dickson delighted us with his tales of Fire Escape practice abseiling out of his dormitory window up in the top floor where the maths rooms are! His short address to the school was poignant as he reminded our pupils to focus on the positive aspects of life, even when considering the terrible sacrifices made by our troops in war.

It was lovely also to see our year 6 students learning so much from the war veterans that were with us on that special day.

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Visit the Birthday Blog

At Ballard, we wanted to do something extra special to celebrate both our own 21st birthday and the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Visit the Ballard Gallery....

As well as the online gallery featuring photos from the early 1900's right up to the present, a permanent gallery will be on exhibition within the school itself. Using the Old Dining Room a beautiful collection of photos and artifacts depicting the school and its pupils through the years will be a proud statement of our history and axchievements.

Ballard School History

Our School, was founded in 1895 at Lee on the Solent, Hampshire by William Higgs Colborne and James Cruickshank. Trace the many changes and locations the school as undertaken through to its current status and location in New Milton

The present and the future....

As well as recollecting the cherished memories of your time at the school and of those that went before you, keep up to date with all the ongoing developments at Ballard School.

"Remembrance Day" A selection of War related poems

Click above to view a selection of war related poems from Owen Chave, ex Head Boy of Great Ballard School 1924-25, who tragically died aged 30 on a bomber raid over Germany