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Ballard School Memories


It was wonderful to be with Leonard again this year at Ballard’s Remembrance Ceremony. Seeing Leonard back at Ballard after first entering through the Main House front door 80 plus years ago was indeed an emotional moment. Leonard gave a short talk to the school during the service, and then spent quality time talking to the pupils. We all wish Leonard well as he struggles with his leg, and look forward to seeing him soon.

Whilst Leonard was with us he showed us a a short article entitled ‘A piece of Ballardian History’. It is a fascinating article about how a collector of antique fountain pens had bid for a silver inkstand at an auction. His bid was successful, and on taking home the ink stand he noticed the inscription ‘’ To matron from the staff and pupils … Great Ballard School 1924 – 1934 … Through the internet the collector was able to get in touch with Great Ballard School (now near Chichester) and subsequently Leonard, who of course was delighted to be of assistance! He remembered the matron with affection, recalling her ‘’mending his socks’’ and her ‘’ever smiling’’ personality. He also remembered how she would dole out regular doses of ‘’radio malt’’ after lunch in the tuck shop.

The antique collector very kindly gave the silver inkstand to Leonard, who then presented it to Great Ballard School on the eve of their 90th birthday. It’s a wonderful story!! Please see below for a copy of the article