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Alumni adventure on the Mongol Rally 2016

Ballard alumni, Grant Jenkins and Rowan … follow their dream, planning to raise £10,000+ for UNICEF through their planned participation in the 2016 Mongol rally.

Since summer 2015, Grant and I (Rowan) have been planning the adventure of a lifetime, the greatest adventure imaginable, The Mongol Rally. The Mongol Rally 2016 is a car rally from London (Goodwood) to Ulan-Ude in Russia in an old run down car. Grant and Rowan are even planning driving back to the UK, so travelling almost the circumference of the earth!

The rally organizers insist that each team raise £1000.00 for charity. The boys decided this wasn't enough, deciding to set themselves an ambitious target of raising £10,000+

Inspired by a trip to Kenya with a group from Ballard led by Mr Hall, where they spent 2 weeks in a remote and deprived area, building classrooms and digging wells at schools. The boys felt strongly that they wanted to give something back to children less fortunate than they are, children who can only dream of having the opportunities and privileges they’ve enjoyed.

Good luck to Rowan and Grant as they set out on this tremendous adventure! All donations go directly to UNICEF, as both young men are fully funding are fully funding their trip.

We look forward very much to seeing Grant and Rowan back at Ballard to talk about

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